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SolaBlock for the City Block.

Investing in SolaBlock

Thank you for your interest in SolaBlock. We’re a small business with big plans—and we really appreciate any support to make our urban solar solutions a reality. We believe that SolaBlock is not only possible, but inevitable. As solar has risen to the top of the renewable energy market, the demand for it's innovation has only continued to increase, as has the demand for renewable energy in general. With a product like SolaBlock, our cities will become the power plants of the future. Sound like something worth working for? We're rising to the challenge - lets do it together. 

The following information is not a solicitation to invest--just factual information that answers questions we are often asked.

We are a Dynamic Equity Company

Everyone at SolaBlock works according to a fair agreed-upon formula for acknowledging equity contributions. We use the system develop by Mike Moyer, called “Slicing the Pie”. What this means is that at any time, an individual can participate in helping SolaBlock succeed, full time, part-time, or episodically, and have that contribution fairly acknowledged. Even interns!

Qualified Investors

SolaBlock is poised for strong growth. We’re building manufacturing capacity, inventory and sales infrastructure. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules govern how small businesses may solicit funds and investor qualifications participation—please refer to the SEC or contact us for further information on the new rules.

"JOBS Act" Investment Changes in 2016

Titles II and III of the 2012 Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act or "Jobs Act" contain new simplified rules with respect to small business investment. Rulemaking has taken several years, with the final rules now completed, and set for being taking effect on May 16, 2016. SolaBlock will be following the new rules to enable the new easier forms of equity participation. 


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