SolaBlock's solar clad masonry units are vandal resistant. This video shows a "Vandal" attempting to destroy a block, where the bat broke and our product remained intact.

SolaBlock wall systems provide both architectural design and energy performance features, helping to create innovative aesthetic details while meeting the energy needs of the building occupants. Did we mention our solar masonry walls cost the same installed as traditional brick walls? And that's just the beginning.

Unique Design Opportunities

Solablock’s 8”x16” and 8”x 8” block sizes offer great range in architectural design for solarizing buildings, walls or other structures. Just as with other masonry, blocks can be inset within column details, rotated into cross-hatch patterns, or wrapped around each floor of a building from floor-level to window-sill level. Areas of SolaBlock wall systems are compatible with existing brick wall façade specification for seamless integration. Colors for the concrete and junction-box covers may be customer-specified to create additional architectural interest.

SolaBlock’s design flexibility enables new installations to blend in with existing historic or community design parameters.

Solid Performance

Each square foot of SolaBlock wall systems provides up to 10 Watts peak, and up to 12 kWh per year of energy production, depending on location. That’s enough energy to meet most of the residential electric load for efficient buildings, with net zero-energy status possible with wall systems on three sides of the building. This means that individual floors of sun-exposed urban buildings may choose to supply all of their electric needs with SolaBlock.