Solar power keeps getting BIGGER! Literally. Morocco's Ouarzazate Solar Power Station

If you've been following solar news around the world, you might of heard of it. It's called the Noor 1, and it's the first of three parts that will make up the Ouarzazate Solar Power Station. Situated in the Sahara Desert, only 10 km away from the city Ouarzazate, the plant has rounded mirrors that absorb sunlight during the day. Each of the mirrors is 12 meters high and redirect the light towards a steel pipeline supplying synthetic thermal oil. The liquid reaches up to 400 degrees Celsius. The steam from the process is used to power the turbines which generate electricity power. 

Noor 1 is already the largest solar power plant in the world. It is visible from space and it generates up to 160 megawatts of electricity. And this is just the beginning. Noor 1 is only part of the huge plan that Morocco has for solar power. It will be able to work 20 hours per day, generating power for over one million homes. Soon, Noor 2 and Noor 3 will become part of the solar thermal power plantation that will be built in the next two years.

This massive undertaking came at an investment of 4 billion dollars, but will make Morocco less dependent on energy imports and will also reduce emissions by millions of tons. Morocco’s investment is solar is a huge step forward, and is a great example for countries around the world planning for a sustainable future. Go Solar!