A Chip off the Old Block : Massachusetts and Solar

Many of us here at SolaBlock call Massachusetts our home, so it's important to keep an eye on what is going on in regards to solar energy here in Mass. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), Massachusetts ranks 7th in the United States for “the cumulative amount of solar electricity installed through 2016”. Although ranking 7th out of 50th is a great achievement, as pointed out in the article Massachusetts’ leaders should go big on clean energy; there is always room for improvement. Moving forward, Solablock is poised and ready to help Massachusetts reach its full solar electric potential.

As the article points out, Cambridge Massachusetts has adopted a “Net Zero Action Plan”, which would cut carbon emissions by 70% by 2040. SolaBlock is perfect for cities like Cambridge. With the more than a dozen colleges alone in the area with campuses such as Harvard, MIT, Lesley, and more, Solablock certainly has a market. With SolaBlock’s ability to be installed at the same cost, or cheaper than brick, both new construction and renovations in the area can move towards greater renewable energy production simply by installing a wall that would have been built anyway. SolaBlock will allow campus’ and other city buildings to generate energy, turning those old brick walls into one of Cambridge’s leading producers of clean energy.

Massachusetts cities are currently like many other high density areas, an untapped resource for clean energy. At one point the article states:

We can also invest more of the RGGI [Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative] funds in communities that have faced disproportionate pollution from fossil fuel plants, as well as programs to expand access to clean energy and energy efficiency for low-income homeowners and renters.

SolaBlock can aid people’s access to clean energy, since one of our main purposes is to help cities gain access to solar. Our block can help cities take more of a lead role in the energy production of Massachusetts. Imagine old mill towns such as Lawrence, Lowell, and Worcester taking already existing mill structures and turning them into a type of ‘solar factory’. The possibilities don't end there either; landlords and homeowners will also be able to add SolaBlock to their structures at an affordable rate which will allow them save money on power as well as tap into incentives, in turn saving them more money. Talk about an investment in the future! SolaBlock is very proud to exist in Massachusetts, and we will do whatever it takes to help Massachusetts reach its full solar potential. For more information about how Massachusetts is taking steps towards clean energy, check out the article here.