1. We’ve developed cost-effective and practical means of interconnecting our block and tile wall systems. This has been SolaBlock’s greatest design challenge—and greatest success.

2. Instead of quartz glass, we’re employing new high-technology polymers that can’t be broken, enabling more deployment where there’s risk of damage or vandalism.

3. Instead of competing with conventional solar industry on building roofs, we’re bringing solar development to facades and other vertical structures, where our suppliers are eager to join us in the exploitation of a new sales channel.

4. Instead of creating installation challenges on the construction site, we’ve designed–and re-designed—our products to be eminently suitable for conventional installation by the trades. Masons install block and tile in a normal manner, and electricians complete the installations using existing tools and skill sets.

5. Instead of requiring energy sales over the course of the product lifetime to pay back its high capital-cost to be competitive with solar alternatives, SolaBlock is already the least-cost alternative for solar production on facades. This means that energy sales revenues go right to the customer, greatly reducing customer energy costs and improving customer bottom-line.