Power Calculator.

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*Kilowatts Peak is a technical specification referring to the power output of a solar cell under standard test conditions (an irradiance of 1000 W/m^2).

Energy Calculator

To determine the annual energy yield for your project at a given location, go to PVWatts,         NREL's solar energy calculator:

Having trouble with one of these tools? See our detailed instructions on this page for a step by step guide to the Project Estimator. 


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SolaBlock Project Estimator

Welcome to the Project Estimator! Here you can find out:

  1. How many SolaBlocks (or Solatiles) are needed for the project.

  2. The peak power* that this wall of SolaBlock/SolaTile could generate.

  3. The actual energy yield for this project for your location.

Excited about building with SolaBlock? We are too. Let's get started!

How to Use the ESTIMATOR: 

Our estimator consists of two calculators, our very own SolaBlock Power Calculator, and the PVWatts Energy Production Calculator from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

First, go to the solablock power calculator

  1. Choose a wall to estimate. (One at a time please!)

  2. Fill each of the dimension boxes with measurements of the unit specified (Convert any fractions of an inch to decimal (I.e., 3/8" = .375)).

  3. Enter the number of windows and doors (or skip for a quick, rough estimate).

  4. Click "Window Dimensions" and "Door Dimensions" respectively, and fill in the boxes below.

  5. Make sure the number of windows (or doors) in the box corresponds to the number of windows (or doors) with dimensions to be filled.

  6. Hit "Calculate". Voila! See results for SolaBlock and SolaTile!

Next, Scroll down, and click the link for "PVWatts"

  1. Your browser should open a new page and take you to the PVWatts Calculator. If not, click here.

  2. In the box next to "Get Started", type in your location. You can use town, state, zip-code, country, whatever you'd like! Then press "Go."

  3. PVWatts will recommend weather data near you, but you can also select another data-set from the map further down on the page, which shows your location and the surrounding area.

  4. When you've chosen weather data, click on the red arrow to the right, labeled "Go to system info."

  5. Now go back to the SolaBlock Power Estimator and select the "Total Kilowatts Peak" for either Block or Tile, depending on what you plan to use. Copy this number (you can go back later and test the other option).

  6. Back on PVWatts, paste your "Total Kilowatts Peak" value in the box for "DC System Size".

  7. Set "Tilt" to 90°.

  8. Follow PVWatts' instructions about the "Azimuth" to input the appropriate direction of the wall (find these instructions by clicking the "i" bubble next to the "Azimuth" box).

  9. All other input fields can be left as default unless you wish to change anything specifically, which can further increase the accuracy of the calculator.

  10. Click the red arrow to the right labeled "Go To PVWatts results"

  11. You did it! View your results on this page to see what energy bonuses building with SolaBlock can offer — who knew walls could be so powerful?