About SolaBlock

SolaBlock is a small, growing manufacturer of solar-clad masonry, founded in 2012 to address the need for wall-mounted solar in urban and remote locations where conventional solar modules are poorly suited. Our technology is an entirely new approach to solar electric building, bringing the entire building into renewable energy production. SolaBlock wall systems are designed specifically to be longer lasting and more weather resistant, theft proof, and vandal resistant than traditional solar products. SolaBlock brings affordable building integrated photovoltaic panels to people everywhere, giving everyone the opportunity to participate in the solar revolution.

Our Mission Statement

To provide solar electric wall systems for building owners around the world at the best cost, highest performance, and longest service life.

Our Core Values

We are committed to integrity, performance, and the power of innovation to bring the benefits of local sustainable energy generation to everyone, everywhere.


Be the company recognized for leading solar energy empowerment in cities, campuses, and remote areas around the world.