Above: Our first prototype block and wall. Worked great, but since has undergone extensive visual and electric redesign as well as new, top quality components. Even higher performance, better looking blocks are coming soon!

Welcome to SolaBlock and SolaTile!

Finally! The solution to Solar PV walls! SolaBlock has developed and secured patents for both Photovoltaic Integrated Masonry as well as Photovoltaic tile. Whether it is a new building or a retrofit, SolaBlock has you covered. 

Now into early production of our latest and greatest designs, we are excited to soon be rolling out a pilot in Springfield MA. From there on, the sky is the limit! Our robust, tamper-proof, and most importantly cost-effective (purchased and installed at the SAME price as conventional brick!) product has seemingly limitless applications, from urban street corners to off the grid buildings to energy producing highway walls or remote power generators (Check our "Solar Pyramid"). The Projects are just beginning: Estimate Yours Now

This new tech is on its way! With SolaBlock, the cities and power plants of the future will be one in the same. The best part? YOU can be a part of it. Let's strike while the sun is hot. Contact Us!