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Below you can find white papers that address a variety of topics key to the SolaBlock model. 

How is it possible that SolaBlock can be price comparable, installed, to traditional brick?  SolaBlock vs Brick Installation Cost Comparison

Block vs Brick


As a solar power product, installing SolaBlock could help you take advantage of the same valuable incentives that are available to rooftop PV systems. Read more about the Potential Future Incentive Opportunities for SolaBlock Technology.

Incentive Opportunities


SolaBlock lasts twice as long as conventional solar. Want to know more? Check out our Longevity Estimate for Solar Masonry Products.



How much a SolaBlock costs to make and how we predict that will change over time, all detailed here: Long Term Costs and Pricing.

Cost of a Solablock


Solar parking canopies seem to be the latest trend in on site solar power integration projects. But what if you chose to invest in SolaBlock instead? Check out SolaBlock Wall Systems and Parking Canopies Compared.

Vs Parking canopies


Snow Performance

What's the key to SolaBlock's victory in the north? Actually, it's the weather. In areas that receive snow, SolaBlock wipes out the competition; read our eye opening Comparison of Performance in Snow Between SolaBlock Walls and Conventional Tilted Solar.


Brick Vs Block pt. 2

Still confused how SolaBlock can be cheaper, installed, than traditional brick? The secret is How Brick and Concrete Block Compare.


Our concrete block technology is actually one of the key components that regulates the temperature of our solar cell components, allowing SolaBlock to operate with higher efficiency and longer life than conventional modules. SolaBlock Thermal Mass Benefits.

Thermal Mass Benefits


Solar Cities

Solar power has yet to be embraced in densely populated areas. Can SolaBlock be the key to changing that? If so, there's a multi-billion dollar market for Solar Utilization in U.S. Urban Centers.


Wiring Efficiency

SolaBlock's wiring is another key to its success; learn more here about SolaBlock SMU Wiring Efficiency and Optimization.

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