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SolaBlock is a revolution in Construction Tech and Clean Tech.

We Answer the Call in Today's World, Where we have to be innovative in Fighting Climate Change

Our Product

SolaBlock’s Solar Masonry Units (SMUs) combine premium solar technology with the familiarity of standard masonry bricks. Our SMUs are part of our Vertical Solar Solution (VSS), providing renewable energy for customers seeking green energy alternatives.

SolaBlock manufacturers Solar Masonry Units (SMUs) to address the need for Vertical Solar Solutions in urban and remote locations where conventional solar arrays are poorly suited. Our technology is an entirely new approach to green construction, changing the building envelop from a passive structure into an active energy-producing asset.

Our SMUs are designed specifically to be longer-lasting and more weather resistant, theft-proof, and vandal resistant than traditional solar products. SolaBlock’s behind-the-meter, on-site building embedded solar solution offers an opportunity to gain additional LEED certification points while offsetting carbon on the road to achieving Net Zero emission status.

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Connect the Blocks, Power the Building, and Offset the Carbon

Our Company

SolaBlock provides Vertical Solar Solutions (VSS) for our customers utilizing our patented SMUs. SolaBlock’s SMUs combine premium solar technology with the familiarity of standard masonry bricks. Founded in Massachusetts, SolaBlock is proud to manufacture and assemble our product in the USA.

Our Mission

To provide Vertical Solar Solutions embedded with our SMUs to satisfy Net Zero requirements for our customers, including building developers, architects, and general contractors.

Our Vision

To be a leading vertical solar company providing solutions for green energy and net zero buildings.

Our Core Values

We are committed to integrity, performance, and the power of innovation to bring the benefits of local sustainable energy generation to everyone, everywhere.

Meet The Team

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Green.org sat down with Eric Planey, the CEO of SolaBlock, to learn about the future of sustainable building technology. SolaBlock is a small, growing manufacturer of solar-clad masonry...

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Gov. Charlie Baker sees new technologies, products on a visit to Valley Venture Mentors in Springfield

SolaBlock holds the promise of a solar field turned vertical as part of a building façade. The 8-inch square and 8-inch-by-16-inch blocks called solar masonry units are designed in Easthampton...

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RPI students join SolaBlock as engineering interns

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute graduates Rachel Soto-Garcia and Abdullah Abid have joined clean-and-construction technology company SolaBlock through Rensselaer’s [email protected] Immersion Startup Program...

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