The Next Direction in Solar™



Imagine buildings that power themselves. Imagine affordable, renewable energy for everyone. Imagine SolaBlock.



SolaBlock is a revolution in urban renewable energy, enabling almost any structure to extract and use the energy of the sun.



Clean energy capture, built in.

Our solar wall systems combine premium solar technology with the familiarity of standard masonry. Far more resistant to weather, theft, and damage than the usual solar array, SolaBlock’s solar wall systems delivers power for generations.

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Familiar materials… with an all-new payoff

SolaBlock’s technology is the next direction in solar, bringing the entire building into renewable energy production. Founded to address the need for wall-mounted solar where conventional solar modules are poorly suited, SolaBlock’s solar wall systems offer a transformative vision of the future.

Imagine affordable multi-family housing that offsets the need for retail power, providing peace of mind. Every hospital, school, parking garage, shopping complex, and highway wall could partly or fully cover their own costs.


Once you start looking for vertical solar opportunities, you’ll notice literally hundreds of square miles of “wasted wall” space. Opportunity for transformation is everywhere.

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