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Imagine buildings that can power themselves. Imagine affordable, renewable energy for everyone. Imagine SolaBlock.


The SolaBlock Vertical Solar Solution (VSS) provides an innovative way to incorporate green building features into your project. With its efficient design and energy-performance benefits, incorporating Solar Masonry Units (SMUs) into your construction project can help to create a sustainable building with carbon offsetting capabilities.

Unique Design Opportunities

SolaBlock's SMUs offer a wide range of architectural options. SolaBlock’s standard 8”x16” and 8”x 8” block sizes provide options for both new green construction projects while also having the ability to be retrofitted onto existing buildings.

As SolaBlock’s SMUs can be integrated into various parts of a facade, this allows architects to create flexible and unique design solutions.

SolaBlock Application - American Made

Solid Performance

SolaBlock’s SMU is building embedded PV, providing renewable energy behind-the-meter and at the point of need. Our SMU not only provides green energy production, but it also provides additional insulation to the building, improving the R Value of an existing structure when used in a facade application. With our Vertical Solar Solution, one never has to worry about energy production being impacted by snow or the loss of power as experienced with legacy electrical grid infrastructure. With SolaBlock, customers can “Connect the Blocks, Power the Building, and Offset the Carbon.”

SolaBlock’s Vertical Solar Solutions are easy to retrofit into existing building design, adding energy creation.


The innovative SolaBlock solar panel wall system is perfect for a multitude of applications. From commercial buildings to parking garages, this product will help you save on your energy bills and reduce the environmental impact that comes from using fossil fuels.

Frequently Asked Questions

SolaBlock’s patented Solar Masonry Unit (SMU) is building an embedded photovoltaic masonry unit.  Many older buildings were not designed or are not capable of having a solar array on the roof.  Many companies cannot take advantage of community solar, due to overcapacity electrical grids or lack of land to build a solar array on their property.  SolaBlock designed our SMUs to provide the energy of solar utilizing the vertical surface of a wall.  Previous, a wall was a passive structure that provided shelter and support.  However, SolaBlock’s SMU can “turn that wall on” and change it into an energy-producing asset.  Why settle for an ordinary wall when you can have a Vertical Solar Solution built with our SMUs?

Solar has evolved very little since it first became mainstream in the late 1970s and the early 1980s.  Solar Cells have gotten smaller and are much more efficient, but solar as a form factor/ array has remained relatively stable over the last 50 years.

With land at a premium and the need for renewable energy growing more and more critical every day, SolaBlock developed a new way of using solar.  We use a revolutionary approach and make solar part of the building itself.  By making our SMUs part of the vertical plane, we make the building part of the solution, instead of being part of a problem itself.

SolaBlock’s SMUs provide solar power, like a typical solar array.  SolaBlock’s SMU can generate power in situations where solar arrays are negatively impacted (i.e. snow and rainy conditions), and complement a traditional solar array by supplementing its power.  Our SMUs increase the insulation of the building to improve its heating efficiency.  These advantages, combined with our SMUs longer life and our ability to become a Net Zero Building Material less than three years after its installation, make for a powerful value proposition for a Vertical Solar Solution.

SolaBlock is a revolution in Construction Tech and Clean Tech.