SolaBlock Applications

SolaBlock® is a Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) technology. SolaBlock® walls are designed as a simpler, more user-friendly approach to BIPV, providing owners with the ability to install and generate solar electricity in previously unacceptable locations.

Among many novel applications, SolaBlock® systems can be used to:

  • “Solarize” residential or commercial building walls, retaining walls, rights-of-way, garden walls, sound walls or any wall receiving sun for a good portion of the day.
  • Harvest renewable energy from highway sound-walls, bridges, parking structures, railroad rights-of-way, property walls, or any other conventionally-walled location.
  • Provide critical solar power to unattended buildings, signs, or off-grid buildings that would otherwise be susceptible to vandalism or theft.
  • Provide secure power to critical buildings or shelters that may lose grid-power or conventional PV in hurricane-force winds.
  • Enable substantial solar electric generation for "in-fill" buildings sited in complex urban settings.
  • Provide autonomous solar electric vehicle charging stations at remote locations.

SolaBlock® solar masonry units (SMUs) can be integrated into almost any existing wall specification, since the blocks retain their original insulation, compression, smoke, and fire-rating properties.

SolaBlock® walls are economically attractive because they eliminate the expensive metal components used to frame and mount tradition PV modules. The cost of wiring between blocks is a fraction of the eliminated frame/mounting cost.

Vertically-oriented SolaBlock® walls produce 50 to 70 percent of the energy produced by an optimally tilted PV array. However, performance can be augmented to similar levels with the placement of reflective materials (decorative white stone, for example) in front of the blocks. Simulations such as PV-Watts can estimate your production.

SolaBlock® walls can be included in many vertical elements of a building that would not otherwise be providing electric power, thereby increasing the total energy production of the building - a key requirement for achieving LEED status. Also, thermal contact between the PV cells and concrete in a SolaBlock® system reduces the high-temperature operation that degrades conventional PV systems.

SolaBlock® walls are an excellent solar technology for schools because they can be viewed at ground level, and connections can be viewed indoors throughout the year. SolaBlock® walls are highly vandal-resistant, and can be installed in urban environments where the risk of theft has previously hindered consideration of conventional photovoltaic systems. All electrical equipment of value is located behind the wall, making the systems unattractive for dismantling for theft of materials. The only way to remove the PV cells destroys them, further eliminating attractiveness for theft. Individual Solablocks can be repaired with a replacement kit.

Solar Skyscrapers

Forget solar on rooftops. Lets make the entire building solar. Big or small.

Forget solar on rooftops. Lets make the entire building solar. Big or small.