Build on the power of a great idea

SolaBlock® solar wall systems are easy to integrate into building designs, adding beauty and energy creation.



SolaBlock’s solar wall systems provide both architectural design and energy performance features, helping to create innovative aesthetic details while mitigating the energy needs of building occupants.

Unique Design Opportunities

SolaBlock’s standard 8”x16” and 8”x 8” block sizes offer great range of architectural options. Our SMU blocks are able to be custom colored from the concrete to the junction-box covers, seamlessly blending into existing ascetics.

SolaBlock’s designs offer flexibility, enabling new installations to blend in with existing historic or community design parameters and architectural standards.

Solid Performance

Each square foot of SolaBlock’s solar wall systems provide up to 10 Watts peak, and up to 12 kWh per year of energy production, depending on location. That’s enough energy for one wall system to meet most of the residential electrical load for efficient buildings, with net zero-energy status possible with systems on three sides of the building. This means that a sun-exposed building may supply all of its electrical needs with SolaBlock’s solar wall systems.