Building Integrated Photovoltaics

Install solar in previously impossible locations

Why should we be satisfied with renewables that provide only part of the energy a building uses? With SolaBlock, we can create buildings that produce even MORE energy than they need. Combined with conventional rooftop panels, SolaBlock will help our city blocks and urban environments become the power plants of the future.

About SolaBlock

SolaBlock is a small, pre-finance manufacturer of solar-clad masonry and tile. Our technology is an entirely new approach to solar electric building. With SolaBlock, you can turn an entire building into an energy producing stucture. SolaBlock wall systems are designed specifically to be longer lasting, more weather resistant, theft proof, and vandal resistant than traditional solar products. SolaBlock gives everyone the opportunity to participate in the solar revolution. learn more




Project Estimator

SolaBlock depends on simulations from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) for calculating the annual energy production from a SolaBlock wall system installed at customer locations. 

Please go to our Project Estimator to determine the rated power of your SolaBlock project.   With that information, you'll then be able to use the PV Watts calculator web page to simulate your project in your location and determine its solar energy generation. 



Better technology for enhanced solar performance.
SolaBlock concrete masonry units can be integrated to almost any existing infrastructure.
Our products are more weather resistant and vandal resistant than other solar products.
We allow owners to install and generate solar electricity in previously impossible locations.